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Cook off honors public safety workers

May 17, 2006

Albany - They work hard to keep you safe, and this week, public safety officials are being honored for all that they do. Wednesday, a barbecue cook off was held for those workers and for them to secure bragging rights.

Hot wings, chicken and ribs, good eating, if it's done right. Graham Stacey says, "Grand champion from last year and second place from 2004, so we've got a little bragging rights to uphold from the winnings of last year and hope we win the grand champion this year."

The Smokin' Guns have the trophies to prove it. Another team we found had trophies too, but we're not exactly sure where they came from.

Andy Exum, with Four Pigs in a Blanket says, "I don't know where they stole those trophies from, probably high school football or something. All our trophies were won out here during the competition."

You're not claiming those are your trophies? "No," says Jack Camp. "It's a display of what's to come in the future for us."

There's a lot of trash talk at the cookout, but there's a deeper meaning. Frank Herndon says, "We take the competition part seriously, but we're out here, we want to feed the officers who are working. Because there are a lot of officers who can't come out here and enjoy this and whether we win or we lose it doesn't matter, but we want to make sure that the officers who can't come out and enjoy it, at least get a taste of it."

Some teams started cooking around 4AM Wednesday. The winners? The Grill Masters.


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