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More 2-wheel vehicles on roads, be careful

May 17, 2006

Albany - A Dougherty County paramedic, injured in a motorcycle crash last week, has a warning for other riders and motorists. Roy Evans was riding east on Stuart Avenue last Tuesday when a Buick pulled out in front of him.

The driver, 88-year-old Lucy Manning, told police she didn't see him. Evans is doing fine, but he did suffer a torn ligament in his right foot and scraps on his arm. Now, he wants to raise awareness so that others are safer on the roads.

Evans says, "Be more aware of their surroundings, oncoming traffic, the type of traffic it is, because motorcycles and bicycles especially, are lower compact, they don't have a big body so they're less visible."

Evans says since we have warm weather, more people are going to be out riding motorcycles and bikes. One way to draw attention to yourself as a rider is to wear brightly colored or reflective clothing.


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