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The city wants its money!

May 17, 2006

Albany -- Albany leaders are putting pressure on people who owe the city money. The City must write off nearly a half-million dollars in bad debt this year. Most of that debt comes from the demolition of dilapidated properties.

Many times, the owners can't be found for years, leaving the city to pay for demolition.

But City Manager Alfred Lott says that doesn't mean the city's not going to continue to try to collect the money.

He's implementing a more aggressive collection system. "How do we collect money? We use a collection agency. We attach those costs onto tax bills. Any available method will we use to get our money back."

In the case of dilapidated properties, the city flags the owner's information so if he ever tries to do government business, like getting a car tag or paying taxes, the city can located the owner and force him to pay up.


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