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Police seize suspected hit and run pickup truck

May 16, 2006

Lee County -- Police have seized a truck they suspect may have been involved in a fatal hit and run Saturday night in Albany. But family members of the victim still feel that the Albany Police did not put their full efforts into investigating their son's death, until they saw them with pieces of the truck on our newscast Monday night.

Investigators from Albany and Lee County seized this truck at Oxford Construction's headquarters on Palmyra Road late Tuesday afternoon.

The green two-tone truck was towed from a side parking lot at the Construction company. The truck's front left headlight, it is smashed, matching the lookout police issued for the suspect hit and run vehicle that killed 33 year old Dwanye Cutley

An Oxford Construction employee told WALB that it was not an Oxford Construction vehicle, but refused to answer any other questions.


 Meanwhile Cutley's family criticizes Albany Police, saying they did not do a complete investigation into their son's death. Monday night we told you family members found these headlight pieces next to East Ogelthorpe Boulevard, a day after Cutley was killed by the hit and run driver. Monday night, after seeing the news story, Police finally met with Cutley's family for the first time. Eula Street said "They saw me on TV, and that's why he came out here, when he saw me on TV with those parts."

Street said if her family could find that evidence, Police could if they cared. Street said "They know we're doing the job that they're supposed to be doing."

Street said Police were slow to arrive to the crash scene Saturday night with many of the family members getting there first. Street said she felt the Police just did not care. Street said "So I really don't feel like that they put as much in it as they should have, I really don't."

The Streets say they have heard from people giving them information, but they wonder if the hit and run driver who ran down their son will be found.

Investigators took this truck from Oxford Construction, as they look for the killer of Dwayne Cutley. Police would not talk to us as the truck as they towed it away.

They would not give us information about who owns the truck, or how they found it.

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