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Commissioner Postell opposes consolidation

May 16, 2006

Albany - Albany city commissioner Tommy Postell is among a growing number of black leaders opposed to city-county consolidation. Postell says after hearing the proposed charter for a unified city and county, he has major concerns.

He says some leaders seem to be rushing the complex issue, even though the consolidation study committee worked for more than a year.

Postell says if consolidation isn't done fairly, it could dilute black strength.

"Down through the years, Albany and Dougherty County never agreed to do anything related to blacks unless it was through a court order. Now we are in a process in which we are trying to eliminate the court order. That's what I would like to see," said Postell. 

The study committee that recommended consolidation was made up of black and white members. Most think consolidation would save millions of dollars and would not dilute the voice or vote of any segment of the community.

The Justice Department must sign off on any consolidation proposal. Some committee members say that will ensure voting rights are not violated.



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