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Mom wants killer driver to surrender

May 15, 2006

Albany -- An Albany mother grieves for her son, who was killed by a hit and run driver just before Mother's Day. Now she is asking the driver to turn himself in.

Dwayne Cutley, 33, was hit about midnight Saturday at East Oglethorpe and Cason Street. Witnesses told the family that Cutley was walking his bicycle across East Oglethorpe, and was standing in the grass median when a pickup truck ran the red light and hit him, and kept going.

The Victim's Mother, Eula Street, said Albany Police officers did not arrive at the scene for almost 45 minutes, when the ambulance was leaving with her son. She said the family has not heard from any officer since.

Family and friends went back to the crash scene Sunday, and found Cutley's missing keys, and gathered parts they think belong to the hit and run pickup. "This is what they found, pieces of the truck that hit him. This is part of headlight look like. That just pretty much what they got besides his keys," said Ms. Street.

Cutley's family is asking the hit and run driver to turn himself in, saying they believe it was an accident.

But Police say they will charge the driver with vehicular homicide in the first degree.

Witnesses say the hit and run driver was driving an older pickup truck, probably a Ford. If you have any information, call the Albany Police.


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