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Cathy Cox details plans to improve public safety

May 15, 2006

Camilla - Eleven sheriffs and police chiefs threw their support to Bainbridge native and Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Cathy Cox. Cox says if she's elected, she'll put more state troopers on the roads and create a parole force to monitor sexual predators.

A sea of badges, from sheriffs to state troopers, listened as Secretary of State Cathy Cox detailed her plans to improve public safety if elected Governor.

"Despite of the fact that our population has been growing and our highways our busier than ever, the state patrol has been cut, cut, cut," said Cox.

Cox said she will restore personnel who were cut from the Georgia State Patrol and GBI.

"They've been cut by the number of positions, and they've been cut in their salary levels. We've got to do more to reverse that."

She says it will take higher pay and better incentives to keep law enforcement from leaving to work in higher paying jobs and other parts of the country.

Cox also says the state government must help counties combat meth. She plans to appoint a Cabinet-level "Drug Czar" to coordinate local agencies and to organize a task force to help dispose of dangerous meth labs.

"They will help the local officials to go through these labs and take them apart safely, to deal with all the toxic waste that comes from the labs," said Cox.

Cox also wants to form a special force in the probation and parole department to monitor Georgia's 6,000 registered sexual predators.

"I want to provide new technology through GPS ankle bracelets to keep up with where these people are, make sure they are not stepping out of line and to make sure they are staying away from areas where children are likely to be," said Cox.

Cox earned the endorsement of 11 Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and District Attorney Joe Mulholland.

"Being a hometown girl, there is no doubt in my mind that she would look out for this area Number One," said Mulholland.

Cox faces Mark Taylor of Albany and two other Democrats in the July 18th primary.