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80 year old woman celebrates at nursing home

May 14, 2006

Albany - - If you're fortunate to have your mother alive, today is the day you probably went out of your way to show her you care. One family found a special way to celebrate Mother's Day for a woman who deserves the extra attention.

Enola Rozar celebrated her 80th birthday last week. Today, she's celebrating again. Even though she's paralyzed on one side of her body, she doesn't let it get her down.

"She's just a very special lady, she's very special," says Sandra Tillery of Palmyra Nursing Home.

 Enola lives at the nuring home. Since she's unable to move around well, her family brought Mother's Day to her with gifts and some good cookin.

"We grilled some burgers, hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans, we got grand kids here and my in-laws are here and were just having a big family get together," says Enola's son Bo.

 Part of that get-together is 1 year old Alicia - Enola's great grand daughter. Though she doesn't say much, her smile says it all.  Bo says they didn't have to think twice to do this. At 80, Elona is the perfect example of a mother.

"She gets on me when I need getting on to. She's still being mother."

 Tillery say more families should do things like this because it's good for the patients.

"This is their home and we want them to be able to have the things and do the things they did before they came here."

This 80 year 'young' woman is at a lost for words. She's having fun and she's grateful for family who brought Mother's Day to her. A hug and some tears prove it.

The first Mother's Day celebration in the United States was at a church service in 1908. Mother's Day was officially declared as the second Sunday in May by Congress on May 8th, 1914 .

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