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Florists getting ready for Sunday

May 12, 2006

Albany - - The rush is on for florists in our area. We contacted several floral shops in Albany. Just about all of them were working overtime to meet their long list of Mother's Day orders.

This is more than a job for Florence Jordan.

"It's something you got to kind of love I guess, I do. I enjoy it. I enjoy the pleasure of seeing my customers happy and satisfied with what I do and it just makes me feel good," she says.

 She's been doing this for almost 30 years. It's one of her busiest days of the year - the day before Mothers day. It's Saturday afternoon and the phone's still ringing.  They've taken all kinds of orders - not just flowers.

"We have delivered out a lot of plants, we delivered balloons for Mother's Day, we've done a lot of different types of arrangements."

 All of the orders meant a lot of extra hours and a lot of deliveries, but they don't mind it. Florence even drops in a special gift.

"Some of them even got chocolate candy. That's my favorite!"

She realizes her overtime is making a lot of people happy out there.

"Try to please all the mammas out there and help their children be happy too with what the children are sending them."

Due to the increase in gas prices, many florists across the nation have increased their delivery charges this Mother's Day weekend. Florence says she chose not to because she didn't feel her customers should pay extra on a holiday.


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