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Marine recruit numbers are up

May 13, 2006

Albany -- Marine recruitment numbers in South Georgia have increased since last year and continues to rise. Graduation season is always a time of making life decisions, and some young people decide they want to serve in the military.

Upcoming high school graduates feel at ease with their decision to be a marine.

Eighteen-year-old William Rooks came to Albany today so his family could meet families of other future marines.

"Anxiety, excitment. It's just you've been with your parents in school for so long, you're about to move on to this next chapter in your life," said William Rooks.

New recruits and their families know it's a test of strength when a family member goes to boot camp. That's why marine recruiters offer a family day before boot camp begins.

"It's just a good time for us to get together, show them that we support what they're doing. They are the future of the marine corps and future of America," said Gunnery Sergant Kevin Sconyers.

"It makes you feel good because you know that they're going to be looked out for and you know what to expect and you know what they'll be dealing with," said mother Kathryn Rooks.

The day helps put families at ease and solidify to the young recruits that joining the marines is a choice to hold steady to.

"Being it wartime would that ever sway your decision? No maam. I actually would love the opportunity to go to Iraq so I can tell my kids and my grandchildren that I was a part of it and just knowing that you're doing something good," said William Rooks.

"Our country always needs support, wartime we really need support and I'll be there for them," said Nicole Palmerton.

Fufilling a life's calling as they go to on protect the future of their country. Some recruiters say more young people have a better understanding of what serving in the marines entails. That's why they decide to join.

Some new recruits are beginning boot camp on Mother's Day.



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