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Summer job search is on for teens

May 12, 2006

Albany -- Teenagers looking for summer work need to start the job hunt now. Employers say they're filling positions fast. The department of labor says up to 80-percent of high schoolers get jobs.

Some of these young workers get more out of a summer job than just a paycheck.

Nineteen-year-old Michael Nix is right on track when it comes to work.

"It helps you learn responsibilities, understand how to manage your money and spend your time wisely," said Michael Nix.

Fun Park owner Buddie Blackwell has been looking through stacks of recent applicants. He says only 20 people will be hired and only a fraction of those keep a job. He wants to hire teens who are looking to earn more than just a paycheck. He hires those who are willing to learn.

"You learn a lot about people. You learn a lot about sales. You learn how to be responsible, how to do what needs to be done without someone having to stand over you all the time," said Buddie Blackwell. 

"You learn how to get along with people a whole lot better and you learn responsibility. I've learned that a lot," said Kati Holmes.

These little lessons have clicked with Michael Nix, and he shares them with others as well.

"You have a lot of kids that come around and look up to older people doing things they need to be doing, not in the streets or anything," said Nix.

The school year may fly by, but learning isn't over for working teens. Learning at summer jobs can help young people prep for a full-time career one day.

Some of the most popular summer jobs for teens include camp counselors and jobs at fast food restauarants. Those who are under 18 may be required to obtain a worker's permit for certain jobs. The department of labor restricts the amount of time teenagers under 16 can work.

Here are some tips employers offered to young people looking to land a summer job: Always dress appropriately and be on time to interviews. Use proper English. Fill out your job application completely. Let your your references know when you list their names on an application.



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