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Kids can be safe at church

May 12, 2006

Albany -- Sherwood Baptist Church's Kids Connection is an after school and summer program that gets children involved in a positive lifestyle. The main goal is to provide the children a safe place. Somewhere to learn, and spend time with friends.

"As concerned adults who want to help kids know how to do and make right decisions we offer this afterschool care program," said Children's Minister David Joiner.

There are strong Christian mentors availible to the children, and it changes lives for those children who grew up in the program. "This one in particular came back and just said that he had been taught so much and loved on so much when he was in this same program as a kid in elementary school and now he wants to come back and give back to these kids."

These children aren't spending time unattended online or watching TV or getting into other trouble that plagues society today. For parents it's a place to bring their children where they aren't getting in trouble. "We focus on things, what's important to us as a family, our values, our faith. So the time that he's away from us if I can direct that down the same course that's what's important," said parent Rob Martin.

 "The funnest part of coming here to Kids Connection is you get to be around your friends, kids that you know, and it's really fun coming here," said participant Marty Martin.

The faith-based program gives children a chance to have fun, and stay off the streets. Between 75 and 100 children come to Kids Connection afterschool, and more than 100 come during the summer. Mentors help guide the children into making good decisions.




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