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Cairo High students get a vivid lesson on Meth

May 11, 2006

Cairo- The Grady County Sheriff's office is going to war against methamphetamines and it's using young recruits to get out the message. Thursday, a deputy spoke with three Cairo High School health classes to warn them about the dangers of Methamphetamines.

Twenty-two students in this Cairo Health class are asked, "how many know someone who's done or associated with methamphetamines?" Eight students, over a third of the class raise their hands. That's why the Grady County Sheriff's office is targeting these kids.

"I'm trying to get the message across to them that you can find methamphetamine in many different forms, sometimes, they don't know what they're taking and they can get hooked," said Sgt. Tim Gainous, Grady Co. Sheriff's Office.

Some knew little about the dangerous drug.

"No I really didn't know nothing about it, but I learned a lot today," said Jasmine Arbeary, a Cairo High Freshman.

"I knew it was an illegal drug, but I thought it was just like pot, it's way worse," said Austin Watson, a Cairo High Freshman.

Many were stunned to find out, it only takes once to be addicted.

"That's crazy, that's outrageous just that out of 100 people, 98 percent will use it in like another week," said Watson.

A video with images of how Meth deteriorates a person hit home.

"It was very shocking, because their structure really changed of their body," said Arbeary. "How people can just take chemicals that eat away at pipes," said Watson.

"If we can reach them first and we explain to them the dangers and the risks associated with this drug, we're hoping we can stop this before it gets started," said Gainous.

With the Grady County Sheriff's office finding on average one meth lab a month, they hope students will take what they learned today and stay far away from the drug.

Right now, the Grady County Sheriff is just targeting high school students, but plans to role out a curriculum to include grades K through 12 next year.



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