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Storms pound South Georgia

May 11, 2006
News 10 Team Coverage

Albany -- Destructive storms roared across south Georgia Wednesday night, packing powerful winds up to 70-miles per hour and dumping heavy rain. The weather caused damage in several counties.

In Lee County the storm chased a family from their mobile home when a large oak tree toppled onto their roof and poked through in parts.

Several people were inside this trailer at Ealum Estates when the tree fell nearly shoving the trailer off of its supports.

Chris Newell lives there with his sister. "All the pressure's on that side over there, and everything is basically shifted this way. You can tell by the door piers," he said.

Even with that damage holes in the roof and a tree on top of their home, the residents spent the night there. The owner of the mobile home park says he'll help them get rid of the tree.

A tree heavily damaged three vehicles and brought down utility lines behind Ella Thomas' home on West Lincoln Avenue in Albany last night. A Ford Mustang was almost completely covered by the tree. Two SUV's were also damaged, the back windows shattered.

Thomas says when bad weather comes she normally parks the vehicles in front of the house but she was just expecting a little rain. "The family was just sitting in the front room talking and all of a sudden we heard the wind was getting kind of high and then we heard a loud bang, Bang!” she said. “We got up and looked out the back door and this is what we found."

Thomas says she's thankful her family wasn't hurt, and all vehicles are insured.

A similar scene on Robinhood Road in northwest Albany. The top of a large pine tree snapped off during the storm. It fell across the residential road but luckily it did not hit any homes or vehicles and no one was injured.

Some serious damage in Warwick as well. The storm even prompted health officials to issue a "boil water" order. High winds peeled the top of the Warwick water tower back, so people in Warwick are encouraged not to drink water from their taps.

The storm also bent the antenna on the Police Station. Trees knocked down power lines around the area. One tree fell on one of Mayor Alan Peacock’s homes. Another tree fell on Lorraine Odom's Volvo.

Neighbors pulled together to help her cut limbs from her car. "It's some good neighbors and my preacher and them and my neighbor down the street and I appreciate that," said Odom.

Odom has two cars. She's thankful what she calls her "good" one wasn't damaged.


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