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Recent Rains help Crops

May 10, 2006

Worth County - Many farmers say they're always only a week away from a drought. That may be an overstatement, but even a few weeks of drier than usual spring weather can put farmers in a bind. Recent rains are a welcome sight for farmers who hope they will continue.

Green is good, and crops in South Georgia are seeing lots more green thanks to recent rains. "This has been a real blessing for us to get a good series of showers here in the past few days." But the past few weeks? That's a different story says Worth County Extension Agent Rusty Harris. He says, "It's been pretty tough getting the crop in the ground and making it grow this year, especially for farmers who don't have the option to irrigate."

And without that option, farmers had to give up on some crops. "Quite a few acres are having to be replanted, because there's just enough moisture to get the seed planted to make it swell up, but not enough to make the seed germinate and come on up out of the ground,"says Harris.

And even farmers who have the ability to irrigate are having to shell out lots of extra money to do it. Diesel systems are expensive to run, thanks to high fuel prices. And even though the growing season is off to a late start, farmers hope the trend of rain we've had this week will continue.

He says, "I think we're starting out a little bit more in the hole than we would like."


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