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Very Special Games in Worth

May 10, 2006

Worth County - Many young people with disabilities work hard to get ready for the Special Olympics. It can be a highlight of their year. Some Worth County athletes missed out on Special Olympics because of a paperwork mistake. But their teachers didn't want them to miss out on the fun of the games, so they organized the Worth Games.

Although we missed opening ceremonies this morning, 7-year old Joshua Marlin, who recited the pledge, perfectly repeated his performance.

The goal of the games? To show off basketball skills, and show off is just what little Jordan did. But he's not the only one enjoying the basketball challenge. Caitlin Conger says, "I play basketball."

And some of the older kids, like 14-year old Shay Hall and his buddy 15-year old Johnny Pham are helping the younger ones out. "It is fun," says Johnny. "I've been telling them to zoom in on the enemy target,"adds Shay.

Some other volunteers, like the Wildcats football players also helped the students out. 18-year old Keith Hope really liked that. When asked, "What's your favorite part?" He says, "The wildcats came." "Was that cool?" "Yeah."

But it wasn't just cool for the kids, the teachers got a kick out of it as well. "That's why I do my job," says teacher Jeanne Brooks. "I love it, it just makes me feel good. I'm blessed to have my job. It's been a lot of fun. The kids are having a great time."

Organizers say they will make sure to get all the proper paperwork in for the Special Olympics next year, but will have a special day of their own, regardless.


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