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Mother's Day means billions for retailers

May 9, 2006

Albany-- You've only got a few days left to pick up a heartfelt gift for Mom and experts say many of you will increase your spending this year.

It doesn't compare to Christmas but Mother's Day is an important time for many retailers. Saying "I Love You" to Mom means millions for businesses.

What's the meaning behind Mother's Day? Some look for the answers in greeting cards but we went straight to the source, Mom. "I think it's just a very special day that maybe you can feel a little bit honored," says mom Myrtice McCalvin.

It's an honor for many mothers that only comes around once a year at the same time in May. "Everyday should be Mother's Day. Everyday," says mom Barbara Green. So what do loving moms expect from their children this coming Sunday?

"I don't expect anything. I told them I don't need anything," says mom Boozie Knox. Just a little love is what some mothers request and that's certainly something we can't buy but most children spend big dollars for mom's affection.

"I'm planning on doing something really big for her this Mother's Day," says Carla McKibben.

"She's done a lot for me," says Jamie Boyett.

No pricetag is too heavy for Mom this Mother's Day. According to a survey, shoppers are set to spend more this year, nearly $14 billion dollars nationwide. Retailers are cashing in.

"We're seeing the traffic definitely picking up," says Amy Clark of Target. Consumers are expected to spend more than $2 billion on jewelry alone and nearly 70 percent of shoppers will head to the flower shop.

"We expect this to be one of the best Mother's Day that we've ever had before," says Mary Stephens of Mary B Flowers and More, "I expect to serve atleast 4 or 500 people."

The reason for the increase in spending may just come down to an increase in love for mother. "It's the least I can do to show back to her," says Billy Bolton. She usually doesn't ask for much anyway. "Just for happiness, peace, love and joy," says McCalvin.

They say she knows best and this Mother's Day, sons and daughters will spend billions of dollars to give her just that.

A trip to the spa is also a common gift. Consumers likely will spend $928 million on spas or massages compared to $644 million last year.

That information came from a National Retail Federation study. Here's some other interesting findings. The average man will spend about $150 on Mom. The average woman will spend $100.

The average person plans to spend about $122 compared to $105 last year. In the South, only 12 percent of people polled said they'll spend less this year. 14 percent say they don't celebrate Mother's Day at all.



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