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Students view autopsy

May 9, 2006

Moultrie - Students at Colquitt County High School learned about the human body today, and came in close contact with death. Anatomy and nursing students took part in an autopsy.

It was part of a satellite program sponsored by Ohio State University. The students were prepared for what would happen during the autopsy before watching it today, but it still surprised some people.

John Neely says, "It was pretty crazy. I wasn't exactly expecting the body to be the color it was. You see things on movies and you expect it to be like that, but it's not."

Theresa Cheramie says, "It was actually kind of neat for me. It's one of my interests. I've always enjoyed any sciences that deal with biology or anatomy. It's just something I enjoy doing."

The students will now discuss what they learned with their classmates and try to figure out how the person died.


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