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Thomasville dirt roads get paved

May 8, 2006

Thomasville- High energy costs have some Thomasville residents, stuck in the mud. Action from the Thomasville city council Monday could put them in pavement by the end of the year. The Council will consider paving four streets from the 2004 SPLOST list of projects. High costs kept Brown, Friar Tuck, two sections of Hill and Loomis from being paved.

"We bid it in 2005, and the bids just came too high for the amount of paving we were doing, the various contractors were either not interested or were concerned about energy prices," said John Wood, Thomasville Engineer.

The streets will get curbs, gutters, storm sewers, and pavement. Thomasville council's goal is to pave all of the city's dirt roads.   The project will cost $613, 783.



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