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Georgians send gas complaints to state leaders

May 7, 2006

Albany -- The attorney general's office is responding to an increased number of letters from Georgians complaining about gas prices. Attorney General Thurbert Baker calls gas prices a horror story from this day and age.

Two dollars and eighty one cents is the current average of a gallon of gas in Georgia. That price is slightly lower here in Albany.

Baker says his office is ready go to after anyone taking advantage of citizens by charging too much for gas.

"When that happens our governor's office of consumer affairs has the ability to issue administrative orders or require that the attorney general's office actually go out and prosecute some of these individuals," said Thurbert Baker.

Over on Capital Hill new legislation is being introduced. The U- energy policy is encouraging car-makers to make cars with better mileage for cars Americans drive. The president has also asked Congress to grant him authority to increase passenger-car fuel economy standards.



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