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Goin' Green

May 7, 2006

Albany -- Gentleman, start your engines.

The Albany Motor Speedway has been closed for about a year, but is set to reopen in the near future.

The track is under new ownership, and they say they're looking to make the Speedway a valuable part of the community.

The Albany Motor Speedway is quiet today.

It's been silent for over a year.

The green flag hasn't been waved, and the checkered is nowhere to be found, but the new owner of the track Robert Witte says he's looking for the Speedway to once again roar to life this summer.

"We saw a very distinct need in the market place for a track of this size. Albany Motor Speedway is to only quarter-mile track in the entire state of Georgia. It caters to a certain type of car, and we have an interest in racing those types of cars."

Witte says they're focusing on making the track a family oriented facility.

"When you get families coming in, it's a lot of fun. It's very rewarding to watch the kids get out there and race, and watch the families participate."

They're in the process of making a lot of upgrades to the track, and will hold their first race July 8th with the Aaron's Pro Challenge Series, and the Florida Mini-Cup Association Cars. Witte says they're looking to allow the drivers to become part of the facility.

"Consistency has been key to successful race tracks, and in the past the consistency hasn't always been here."

Witte says he's already seen the excitement from the community.

"People have stopped by in the dozens to talk to us about the facility," says Witte. "What they liked about it, what they didn't like about it, and they've given us a lot of really good ideas on things we can improve here, and overwhelming they're really looking forward to us getting open and getting racing."

The Albany Motor Speedway will hold a drivers meeting at the track at 7pm tomorrow night.

The meeting is for any drivers interesting in racing at the track.

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