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The Da Vinci Code viewed as deceptive

May 7, 2006

Albany - - A national best-selling book is becoming a movie and many people in the Christian community are not buying into it.

 At Books a Million, The DaVinci Code is so popular, the store created a separate section just for the book. St. Teresa's Catholic Church started a discussion group today studying the history of the church to compare their belief's to the book. Some members there believe the fictional books shouldn't be compared to the life of Jesus Christ.

"I dont think that just because you read it you agree with it. I'm not going to go out and buy it because I don't support that kind of book," says 16 year old Jonathan DeMott.

"The whole idea that Jesus is not God and some of the foundational aspects of Christianity are refuted in Dan Brown's book, so there is some concern," says Deacon Jay Dallas.

Wynsong Theatre is advertising the movie now. The Da Vinci Code hits theatres on May 19th.

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