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Teenagers revitalize Moultrie

May 6, 2006

Moultrie - - They're giving of their time to demonstrate their love for others. Over a hundred Colquitt county teenagers took to the streets today helping revitalize their community - and they have a special reason for doing it.

Thirteen-year-old Christian Edwards is not afraid to get a little dirty. "When we got out here it was big ole piles of dirt and we're just trying to shovel it out now."

He shovels with a purpose. "Cause we gotta get more people to love Jesus and show what he can do."

 It's part of the Heritage Church's mission project. Each year its youth group spnosors a massive community project during one weekend at the end of the school year.

"We have 12 different projects going on. We have this one, wer'e painting 2 houses, building two porches, doing major work on a yard," says Leslie Peretti.

 "Taking something in the neighborhood that people probably wouldn't want and making it look beautiful," says John McCracken.

 They're painting, reconstructing, and even building a canopy for one family. Joe Singleton is new at this kind of thing. "No, hadn't done this before.  I'm just glad the family is getting something good done to them," he says.

 It's also good for the city since state funding can sometimes be scarce to get projects like this done. "We're working on houses for people with low income so we took some of the houses that potentially could be grant funded houses, because we don't know if the state is going to fund us this year - wer'e still waiting on that, and we're going out and doing cosmetic stuff to get a jump start," says Chance Barber with the City of Moultrie.

 Heritage Church partnered with the city for the first time this year to double its impact. Christian's just glad to be a part of something that will soon bring a smile to children in this neighborhood. "It's gonna be a new sandbox," he says.

 In fact, it even brings a smile to HIS face.

The group also volunteered today at Kids Against Hunger to send food overseas and they delivered gift baskets to nurses, police, and fire rescue workers.

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