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Young scientists at work

May 5, 2006

Albany - - It was a fun-filled day of science and exploration for Dougherty County Students. Over 300 elementary students headed to Chehaw today for the school district's annual Science Olympiad.

Remember when you were in grade school? You probably used to get in trouble for making paper airplanes. These kids are getting rewarded for it.

"I think it's a good thing for us to do because it's fun and we learn more," says 5th grader Kentoni Phillips.

It's a competition. Airplanes and even paper rockets are just a few objects students are using to analyze as scientific experiments. They're divided into teams and they learn to work as a team.

"I'm a tough judge because I'm neat and I like for it to be done right," says judge and teacher Lakeshia Elder.

She walks around with her clipboard, seeing who can make the grade. After proving their knowledge inside students head outside to participate in one of the most fun competitions, the egg drop. They use straws and tape to create support for an egg. The idea is to drop the egg without it breaking.

Students had a good time taking their studies to the park. They're not even selfish with the opportunity.

"I just got chosen. It's not fair if I get chosen every year. Other people need to come too," says 3rd grader Marcos Borja.

And just when it looks like these youngsters are having too much fun, just remember the law of gravity. What goes up, must come down. It's all the reasoning these kids need to fly their airplanes - without getting in trouble.

The event lasted all day for students. All 15 Dougherty County elementary school were represented. Awards were also given for students who showed the most team spirit.

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