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Ben Hill soldier tells his Iraq story

May 5, 2006

Fitzgerald -- No one could tell us About what's happening in Iraq better than a soldier from Fitzgerald who has earned four Purple Hearts for his service there. We met Steven Clark last week on 10 Country, but he had much more to say about our involvement in the war he's fighting.

Here's Army specialist Steven Clark, in his own words. "It's a place where there use to be much suffering, much more than there is now. Under Saddam's regime, things were, what I would equate to Germany during World War II. Rule with an iron fist. People were afraid. Now they have the opportunity to speak out if they want to. And, God bless it, it is a great thing."

"We make progress everyday. Is it dangerous? Yes. But what isn't dangerous? More people die on the highways here in the United States than die in Iraq."

"Iraqi police are patrolling the streets. These are things you don't hear about. We are making big difference. People walk back and forth to work, drive back and forth to work freely. In 2003 that didn't happen. People were not roaming the streets normally, and it's getting more and more progressive to what people here would consider a normal society."

"Some people say, 'Well, it's going to be years. It's too long to wait. We don't need to be there.' If I can make one person there happy and safe, then I've made a difference, and I'm not going to be happy 'til everybody in Iraq can walk down the street freely."

"Yes, we do need to be in Iraq. We need to be there until the job is completed and the job is only going to be completed when the Iraqi government believes that they have security and they ask us to leave."

Army Specialist Steven Clark has returned to Iraq after being wounded four times.


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