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Schools compete in Thomasville Relay event

May 6, 2006

Thomasville- For months Thomas County schools have raised money for Friday's Relay for Life. It's a friendly competition between the schools to see who can raise the most money, but the real winner will be the American Cancer Society.

It's Thomas County school against county school in a race to gather donations.

"Teachers and the staff here are more eager when we know that we're working to be number one in the system," said Elaine Barrett, Cross Creek Asst. Principal.

Each one raising money for Relay for Life.

"We had a coins for the cure campaign and the class that brought in the most coins won a pizza party," said Catherine Thompson, Hand in Hand Team Captain.

"We had a big jug in the cafeteria and we collected over a thousand sixty two dollars in coins," said Barrett.

The money is pouring in, nearly $5,000 from Hand in Hand, $10,000 from Cross Creek Elementary.

"We did have a student here that has been touched by cancer this year it gives better feeling to the children to know what we're actually raising the money for," said Thompson.

"One of our student's mother passed away this year from breast cancer so that class actually planned a mini relay," said Barrett.

That class, raised a thousand dollars. To boost donations one teacher took drastic measures.

"I figured that if I made a challenge to the staff that they would get going and if they wanted to see my head shaved then they would reach our goal," said Angie Blankenship, Hand in Hand support teacher.

As Friday's event comes together, so will these competing schools with a combined record donation of $20,000.

"It's something that we can get together and really show that community how much the school system can give back," said Barrett.

It's a common cause that brings everyone out to walk on the Jacket's Nest track in hopes of finding a cure. The 12th annual Thomasville Relay for Life will raise nearly $100,000.



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