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10 Country: For the birds

May 4, 2006

Turner Co. --  Some people take great joy in giving animal their freedom.

"We just take in what nobody wants." Donnie Cook rates as a good-hearted person. "I try to be." Somehow, word seems to get around that Donnie and his family provide a good place for feathered friends that need a good home.

They have hand-raised geese, have ducks and have chickens, lots of chickens and one odd-ball named Tom. "He s just an unusual turkey."

That he is, twenty-two pounds of mystery. The Cooks got the turkey from friends who lived in town where Tom had outgrown his home and need a bigger place to roam.

"He s got 42 acres he can run anywhere he wants," says Donnie, who thought Tom might not like his new home at first.

Would Tom find his new found freedom too appealing? "Turned him loose, he d leave. That was I was expecting."

Donnie didn't expect Tom to like people so much, but he does, with a face only a mother or hunter could love. "He's kind of like a dog."

Donnie got Tom in late April an everyday the turkey seems to do something more interesting. "Go to the field to work... he goes with you. When you come back, he comes back with you."

Come to find out, ole Tom acts like a watch dog. "I've got a watch turkey."

That sounds as if he would gobble up an intruder.  And no doubt, he will.

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