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Posters issued for information

May 4, 2006

Albany -- The Dougherty County District Attorney's Office launches a new effort to find a hit and run killer.

Investigators are hanging posters around the area offering a six thousand dollar reward in the deadly case from a year and a half ago. The D.A.'s office will put up these posters in several counties around Albany looking for the killer of 57-year-old Ginny Crisler.

The Albany mother of three was struck by a car while Christmas Shopping. A speeding white Chevrolet Lumina hit her, and sped away as she walked across the parking lot at the Hunter's Mill Plaza on Dawson Road.

A nearby surveillance camera took these pictures of the car as it drove away. The posters show the surveillance picture, and a better example of the car type they are seeking.

"The family and other private persons have been interested in this case as well, and they are putting up the money for the reward," said Greg Edwards, Chief Asst. D.A.

Investigators say the car in question is 1995 to 1999 Chevrolet Lumina. If you have any information, contact the Dougherty County District Attorney office at 431-3221. They promise it's worth six thousand dollars.


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