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Ministry to help Fuller Center build on higher ground

May 3, 2006

Sumter County-- A relatively new south Georgia charity is teaming with a well-known ministry to build homes for hurricane victims.

The Fuller Center for Housing's "Building on Higher Ground" initiative will build about 60 homes in Shreveport, Louisiana, a place where many Hurricane Katrina evacuees fled. They've finished three houses and five are almost complete.

More than a dozen women from the Crystal Cathedral will begin work on a 9th home this weekend. The California church is home to The Hour of Power program that airs on Lifetime and TBN. Millard Fuller hopes the build will bring national attention and help to the effort.

"You can imagine what it would be like if your house was all of a sudden destroyed and your job was lost and your friends were scattered to the full winds. How do you put your life back together? And we need to reach out and give helping hands to such people," says Fuller.

The ministry will tape their experiences as they build and might include them in their weekly program. A bigger group will head to Shreveport in June.



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