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Stamp prices may increase again

May 3, 2006

Albany -- Mailing a letter may cost you a few extra cents soon, but the postal service is considering a way for you to avoid the hike for a while.

The post office wants to boost the price of a first class stamp to 42-cents next year, but it's also considering a "forever stamp". Once purchased the stamp would still be good even if the price of stamps increased again.

Some of you told us with higher prices for so many other things, you don't want to see postal rates increase again.

"I just think the government just trying to find a easy way to tighten the budget and get things did and I think they need to hire better financial planners and stuff and bring a little ease of burden to the American citizens," said Ervin Ford.

The last rate increase was 2 cents in January, but the postal service still expects to finish this fiscal year as much as $2 billion in the red.



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