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Brotherly battle takes deadly turn

May 3, 2006

Seminole County- A battle between brothers in Seminole County takes a deadly turn. Recent surgery forced Gary Cottles to move in with his brother and father, but investigators still aren't sure what caused him to turn a gun on his brother.

A hang up call to the Seminole 911 Center, prompts concern. When the dispatcher called back that concern turned into alarm. 911 Operator,

"Hi this is Chris with Seminole County 911 this number just called 911 is everything okay?"

"No sir, it's not. My son just shot my boy, his brother, and he's laying down here on the deck," said Frank Cottles, Father.

Both Terry and Gary Cottles were living with their father, Frank, here at his home and apartment on County Road 374. Gary was recovering from recent quadruple bypass surgery.

911 Operator, "Did he do it on purpose?

"My son, the other one, was acting up," said Frank Cottles.

"We're still looking into what actually led up to the shooting, as far as we can tell right now there's been no prior history of violence between them," said Chief Investigator Dale Swanner, Seminole Sheriff's Office.

"Just get down here, he shot him dead in the chest," said Frank.

When EMS arrived it was too late. Shot with a .45 caliber pistol, Terry was dead.

"We're waiting on preliminary autopsy report and some follow up investigation some interviews and we'll consult with the district attorney," said Swanner.

Wednesday night charges had yet to be filed against Gary Cottles. The District Attorney expects those charges to be filed first thing Thursday morning.

Gary Cottles can be held 48 hours before he must be charged or released. He remains in the Seminole County Jail.



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