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Lake Park students witness living history

May 3, 2006

Albany -- Students at Lake Park Elementary got a special treat Wednesday-- a lesson that took place outside of a textbook.

Students got a taste of living history today when 99-year-old Louise Ashton visited the 5th grade classroom to speak to them about what it was like to grow up during the early 1900's.

Ashton spoke about everything from the first trip to the moon, to world wars one and two, and even her fascination with Elvis.

"I think she's really sweet and I think it's really cool for her to live to be 100, that's really cool," said 5th Grader Avery Schneider.

"I thought she's was very nice and she's done a lot for her age and she lived through a lot of really neat stuff," said 5th Grader Garrett Hogencamp.

After Ashton spoke, the students surprised her with an early birthday party since she will turn 100 years old in July.


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