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South Georgia woman wants to make her mark

May 1, 2006

Albany-- A South Georgia woman is making her name known with books and now a play. She's using the church as a foundation.

Homerville native Laveisha Mobley has written two books, one dealing with love and the other with salvation in the church. Now, she's bringing that church life to an Albany stage with "What's The Matter with the World Today? Love, Lust, Lies and the Church."

Her play deals with church hypocrites but she says the message goes beyond that and confronts other important issues.

"It's a play that deals with circumstantial marriages, infidelity, issues that single people face," says Mobley.

The play opened last week in Homerville with a sold-out show and was performed at Albany's Municipal Auditorium Monday night. Mobley now plans to take a long break and write another book.

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