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Ladies get their hands dirty changing oil

April 30, 2006

Albany -- It was a different day for ladies at Albany's American Lubefast Sunday.

Those who came out for an oil change were seeing pink. That's because it was the annual Women's Workshop.

Three different learning stations were set up in which women learned how to change and check tire pressure, check the fluid levels in the engine, and learn the different parts of a vehicle.

"As far as changing your levels it's really self-explanatory. On each dipstick there's notches that tell you what's high what's low, what you need to fill up," said Lauren Moore.

"Unfortunately in a rural area, such as the Albany area, you get out somewhere and you don't have cell phone service, and it's all you. It's just you and your flat tire," said Rebecca Barfield.

The purpose is to educate women on basic car needs in case they are by themselves and need a quick fix. American Lubefest will host the Women's Workshop event again next spring.



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