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Learning to fish

April 28, 2006

Albany - - Over 30 children and their parents gathered at Chehaw this morning to take part in a family sport. Today was Chehaw's Annual Kids Fishing Derby. The event is aimed at children 3 to 15 years old who have an interest in fishing or just want to learn how to be a better fisher. Seven year old, Andrew doesn't really like to fish but that's about to change if it's up to his parents.

"We're trying to slowly get him into it. It's like my wife, she don't really like to go fishing and by nature I love to fish. So she said I'm gonna go and see what it's all about," says Charles Webb who brought his family to the event.

 Andrew actually won a prize today for catching a fish during the competition. Each year the pond closes in October and re-opens the day after the Kid's Fishing Derby. That means the public will be open to fish in the pond at Chehaw tomorrow.

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