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Hybrid sales increase with gas prices

April 28, 2006

Albany -- With gas prices near $3 a gallon, there's a lot of talk about alternatives to standard gasoline-powered vehicles. One such alternative is a hybrid car.

You'll spend more to drive one off the car lot, but you certainly won't spend as much money on gas.

Hybrids are selling out at Albany dealerships.

It may be the hottest car in town. In fact, they seemed to have escaped Albany's Ford Town.

"We sold the last one we had on the lot today," said general manager Bob Beard.

 General Manager Bob Beard says the hybrids popularity is partly due to rising costs of gasoline. At Albany Honda, there's only one hybrid left.

"Customer was in here today looking at it, so we don't know how that's going. Maybe they'll buy it and that will be the last one," said Honda sales manager Kelvin Walker.

"Honda hybrids, anything that's gonna save gas, we can't keep them on the lot," said Honda salesman Don Bradshaw.

Prices at the pump have left drivers seeking cheaper alternatives when filling up, and for many people nationwide, a hybrid is the answer.

"Would you ever consider buying one in the future? Sure I would, get rid of the old suburban and jump in the hybrid. I guess I could do that," said Jeff Lawson.

"If it could save money on gas, I'd try that. Anything to save money," said Cleveland Luke.

As prices at the pump continue to climb, so do sales of the hyrbrids.

Hybrids are more fuel efficient and have cleaner emissions that standard cars, and you get a tax credit of up to $3,000 if you buy one. But hybrids will cost you more. You'll may have to drive one up to seven years before you even out the money through better mileage.

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