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Water restrictions still in force

April 27, 2006

Albany -- Before you turn on those sprinklers to water your lawn, remember we're still under statewide watering restrictions.

Odd number addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Even number addresses can water on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. No one can water on Friday. The restriction don't apply for agricultural land and private wells.

Water, Gas, and Light says Albany doesn't have a water shortage, but must still follow the state mandate. Violators can be fined up to $450 for multiple offenses.

If you live outside Dougherty County, check with your county to make sure they don't have more water restrictions.

Albany has some of the purest water in the nation, and people across the country may soon be able to drink it up. For two years, Water, Gas, and Light has worked on a plan to bottle our water, distribute it and sell it.

WG&L's Lorie Farkas says they've already come up with a name and bottle design, but don't want to unveil the product just yet. The city would have to add a bottling line to the current water plant.

"As we all know, one reason Miller and Procter and Gamble came here was because of the abundant supply of almost 99% pure water," said Farkas. "We would like to capitalize on the that, and in the future, sell a bottled water."

It will be at least three more years before the bottled water could be sold.

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