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Chancellor tours 35 Georgia colleges and universities

April 27, 2006

Bainbridge- The University System of Georgia got a new leader in February. Chancellor Erroll Davis Junior's first order of business was to visit all 35 colleges and universities.

The last three months have been a learning experience for Chancellor Erroll Davis. He made his 20th stop in a tour of the state's universities and colleges at Bainbridge College.

"The excellence that we have within our system at every level, not only at the research university level and actually and particularly at the two year level," Chancellor Erroll Davis, University System of Georgia.

Davis met with students and faculty to discuss concerns.

"There are concerns about our space needs, there are concerns by students that we have in place the appropriate support systems and appropriate support particularly for non traditional students," said Davis.

Bainbridge College has been waiting for a new Arts and Science Building and discussed the concern that they remain 19th on the list.

"Finding some new and quicker ways to build buildings in the state there just is a major, major need," said Dr. Tom Wilkerson, Bainbridge College President.

One of the big tasks will be team work.

"One of the things we have not done particularly well is to function as a system. We function more like a loose confederation if you would of institutions and we're in some kind of a conversation about how we can maximize our collective strengths," said Wilkerson.

"The easiest way to work better of course is to have a common shared set of goals and aspirations and to have our behaviors driven by that. I'm not sure that we have that yet," said Davis.

So, as he finishes his tour of the remaining 15 schools, Davis' to do list continues to grow, and by mid-June he'll be ready to get to work on those changes. Thursday afternoon Davis also visited Darton College and Albany State University.



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