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Big boat to float on Lake Blackshear

April 26, 2006

Cordele -- The largest watercraft ever to set sail on Lake Blackshear in Cordele cruised into town today. Liberty Lady is 60 feet long and 18 feet wide and will be the first ship of it size to host dinner-cruise type events on the lake.

 There's been a lot of excitement around Lake Blackshear leading up to its maiden voyage.

It took two semi-trucks to haul Liberty Lady into Cordele. As she barged into town it was a sight many locals came to see.

"The navy says if you can't put it on a ship, it is a ship, so it's a good size boat," Chuck Nolley.

Big enough to host a party of up to 50 people, for events such as dinner cruises, meetings, and receptions.

While still on dry land, Libery Lady was put together piece by piece preparing to take on Lake Blackshear.

"It's new it's different. Nobody I don't think thought that we could have a boat that could do dinner cruises or that type thing on the lake, and so it's unique to the people of this area to have this available," said Lake Blackshear Marina manager Ivan Williams.

She may look like a mess now as set up continues, but she will soon feature a swim deck, two bars, a dance floor, and a place for a good time.

"There's already a lot of excitement. We had a name the boat contest, of course it's been named Liberty Lady. But we had 500 entries, so people in this area are interested in this boat and interested in the fact that we are getting it here for them," said Williams.

Assembly of the boat will continue until her official launch set for Thursday afternoon. After that, the events will be cruising in on the open waters of Lake Blackshear.

Before Liberty Lady even made it to town today, she was already booked for 15 different events. The very first is set to take place on May 5th, and will be available to be rented out after that.



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