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A close shave for Chehaw animals

April 26, 2006

Dougherty County--How would you like to wear a fur coat throughout an entire south Georgia summer? It doesn't sound like too much fun.

That's one reason some residents of Chehaw's Wild Animal Park got a haircut today. Once a year, a sheepshearer stops by to give the alpacas in the petting zoo a close shave. "Knowing that we have a climate in Georgia where it's 80-plus degrees out in the summertime, these guys will actually get very, very hot. So, it's actually very cooling for them as well, and it's also good for coats," said Chehaw Assistant Curator Joseph Darcangelo.

Alpacas are docile pack animals like llamas. Their fur can be used to make clothes such as sweaters. In fact, Chehaw plans to spin this fur into yarn that it will sell.

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