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Thomasville NAACP appeal denied

April 26, 2006

Thomasville- A U.S. District Court ruling finds the Thomasville School District did not discriminate against students by ability grouping.

The seven year old suit filed by the Thomasville NAACP claimed that students in the middle school were being racially segregated by the school's ability grouping practice. It places students in classes based on their achievement levels. The judge disagreed with the NAACP.

"We were quite pleased that the judge was able to review all of our factual information and find that there was never any intent to perpetuation of any inappropriate practices with looking at the students and trying to place them so they could be successful academically," said Sabrina Boykins Everett, Thomasville Schools Superintendent.

The NAACP has not yet decided whether they will appeal the judge's ruling.