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Proposed bus fare increase worries many

April 25, 2006

Albany--A proposed bus fare increase has many people in Albany outraged.

Several Albany residents told city commissioners at a public hearing they think the proposed fare increase is too high.

The base fare would go up to a dollar, and a monthly pass would go up from twenty-two dollars to forty dollars.

The last Albany Transit fare increase was in 1998.  Albany has the lowest bus fare in the state, and many residents say they want it too stay that way.

"We depend on those monthly passes to get us to our family literacy center, to get their education. We have been receiving cuts over and over, so we simply do not have the finances to continue providing transporatation to our students," says Sandy Bamford, director of Dougherty County's Literacy program.

City commissioners won't vote on the proposed transit fare increase until June. If approved, the increase would take effect July 1.



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