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ASU benefits from taxpayers' money

April 25, 2006

Albany--Tax season is over, now Tax Freedom Day is tomorrow. Tax experts say all the money you have earned for the first 107 days of the year goes to the government.

This year, Americans had to work 77 days to pay for their federal taxes, and 39 more days to afford state and local taxes. While we all hate paying taxes, your tax money is being put to good use at one south Georgia university.

Thanks to taxpayers, Albany State University is getting four new residence halls. "We have an additional 806 beds being added to our community. We have two apartment style residence halls and two suite style residence halls," says Bonisha Townsend, Residence Life Coordinator.

Bonisha Townsend says the new living quarters is a good investment of taxpayers' money.

"It keeps the students on campus. It gives them a place to stay on campus where they are safe and secure," she says.

But just how do students feel about this large investment, especially when its coming out of their pockets too?

"When you work so hard and your checks looking really nice, then taxes just chop off about 200," says Sophomore Carmen Turner. She says the government doesn't always spend tax money carefully.

"If it's just to keep tearing down trees adding up more houses when we really don't have the room for all these houses that's what gets aggravating," she says.

She's okay with the government spending her money, for things many people can benefit from, like the dorms.

"By the tax money their funding the new residence halls that they're building now, it will give more people a place to stay," says Turner.

College freshmen Stasha Ogletree agrees.

"Taxing us around here to pay for the dorms and everything like that is actually a positive thing," says Ogletree.

"No individual is exempt from government taxes that we're dictated to pay. So we're benefiting off one another's dollar," says Townsend.

And it's those dollars that will serve as new homes to hundreds of students less than three months away.

Once the four residence halls are complete in early August, the university will have a total of ten residence halls. Last year, Tax Freedom Day came three days earlier.



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