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Welcome Home 48th

April 25, 2006

Douglas - This has been a long year for both Soldiers and families of the 48th Brigade. But now, troops are coming home and friends and relatives are working to show the soldiers how proud they are of them by painting South Georgia Yellow.

WALB NEWS 10 photojournalist Richard Coleman take us to Douglas as family members of the soldiers prepare for their return.

Diane Roberson says, "We're bagging y'all! We've been working on [yellow bows] a good month. The last week's when we really got the most of them done. We were up here late at night working on them."

They will go on, "Every light pole, all the trees." "

The reason? She says it's to, "Show support for our troops. The 48th Brigade's coming home, all the 48th are coming home. That's what my husband's part of."

But some troops won't make it back. She says, "We had three from our company that we lost. One from Coffee County, one from the Atlanta area and one from Folkston. A living nightmare. It's been rough. It's been rough."

To others she asks, "Show support for our soldiers. They've made a big sacrifice."

Personal life? "It's hard on a solder being gone, but it's also rough on the families. The wives have to cover the home front and pick up where the dads left off. Army wife. It's the toughest job there is."

"They're still in Iraq. We're waiting on that call."

Charlie Company, 648th Engineer Battalion of the 48th Brigade is expected to return in mid-May. The three soldiers killed from that unit are 29-year old Specialist Jerry Ganey Junior, 21-year old Specialist Mathew V. Gibbs and 36-year old Sergeant First Class Charles H. Warren. All three were killed in a car bomb attack in August.

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