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Students consider careers in manufacturing

April 25, 2006

Valdosta - Until now, these Valdosta High seniors thought a career in manufacturing meant simply driving a fork lift, or being stuck behind a production line.  But after spending a day with the managers at Trus Joist Manufacturing Plant, they quickly changed their minds.   "Its a lot different than I thought," said Travis Hall, VHS Senior.

"Its a good opportunity for kids to get in when they're young and have a career that will give them opportunity for growth," said Leon Phillips, Manufacturing Manager.

As they graduate, there are endless opportunities for these students to pursue. Today, they're learning what it would be like to pursue a job in manufacturing from those who've worked their way up in the business. "Maybe something we say can make a difference in the choices they make," said Phillips.

With a strong work ethic and aspiration, they can be extremely successful in the field. "It pays well, has good benefits, a good opportunity for growth," said Phillips.

And what better way to learn about the work involved and the benefits they can reap, than to see it first hand. "I don't think a teacher can tell them and have the same effect we can by showing them," said Phillips.

"Just hearing about it, they could tell us anything, but seeing it yourself, you get to have your own opinion," said Hall.

Industrial leaders hope this experience will bring new, hard working employees into their field, and encourage more young people to build their careers in Lowndes County. "They can go out and have purchasing power in the communities, they can build their homes here and participate in the schools they grew up in," said Phillips.

And that plan can start as early as today. Many students, 18 years and older, took applications in hopes of becoming part of this manufacturing team.



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