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South Georgia teen ready for fame and fortune

April 24, 2006

Tifton--A south Georgia teenager is on her way to becoming a rising star in the music industry.

So far, 13-year-old Carmen Savelli's voice has earned her local, state, and national acclaim. In the next weeks she hopes to sign with a major record label.

She's not your average teenager.  13-year-old Carmen Savelli sings almost as much as she talks.

"I've always been singing. I don't think I've ever not sing,"  she says.  And all the practise has paid off. She's won awards from numerous singer competitions.

"We do more and more competitions, and I'd find the competitions, and I do really great at them," she says.

So great, last week Carmen flew to California and auditioned before record executives with Capital and Universal records.

 "The first day we were there we met with a guy named Durius Jones. I sang for him and he liked me," she says.

Carmen's mom, Sherri Savelli accompanied her daughter on the trip to Hollywood.

"When we got over to Universal, we got to speak with the vice president of Motown and Universal," says Sherri.

Before they choose which record label to sign with, Carmen and Sherri are waiting to see which label offers the best producers.

"They will find producers they think will fit Carmen's voice.  When they bring us the right songs that's when we decide who we'll go with," says Sherri.

When that happens, Carmen plans to release an album with a pop and R&B feel.

"I love Kelly Clarkson. I sing a lot of her songs and I like Christina Aguelera, some of her songs too," she says.

While the road to make it to the top isn't easy, the young teen has always learned to:

"Never doubt your self," she says.

And it's her confidence that's making her dream of becoming a well-known singer a step closer to becoming a reality.

Sherri Savelli says she expects her daughter to sign with either Univeral or Capital records within the next month. When they do, Carmen will then fly back out to either California or New York to begin working on a demo album.




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