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The Darton Five

April 24, 2006

Albany -- The pens may be running out of ink at Darton College, with five players today signing on to continue their basketball careers.

Sophomores Surtyria Wright, Tiowanna Spann, and Rachel Henry will all attend West Virginia Tech next year.

Sanielle Bryant heads to Southern Poly, and freshman point guard Shauntay Ricks moves to Miles College.

Wright was first-team all-conference her sophomore year, and says coach Laura Blackwell and her staff were a big help in her development as a player.

"It feels great to sign to continue playing basketball," says Wright, "and playing at Darton has helped me get progressively better."

Coach Blackwell adds, "We wish we could hold them those next two years, because we just feel like after that 1st and 2nd year they grow and mature so much. But it's great to hear from them and see them advance to the next level."

Darton College finished last year with a 19-9 record, advancing to the second round of the conference tournament.