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Fishing trip ends in tragedy

April 24, 2006

Calhoun County - Three Lee County men were fishing in a pond in Calhoun County Saturday when their boat overturned. Two of them drowned.

For more than two hours, 29-year-old Patrick Holsey would yell, hope, and wait for help to come. It finally did, but not before he watched his two friends lose their lives.

"My nephew that lives on farther down the pond, heard someone yelling for help. He called me and asked me to go out in the yard and see if I could hear somebody hollering and, sure enough, I did," said pond owner Bob McClendon.

That hollering was coming from Patrick Holsey. He had been fishing at Bob McLendon's pond with his best friends, 30-year-old Parenzo Carter and 28-year-old Michael Campbell.

"He said that apparently they hit something, a stump or something in the water and the boat turned over," McClendon said.

None of the men could swim and they weren't wearing life jackets.

Patrick watched his friends drown, and was close to giving up himself. "He was given out. He was telling us to hurry, he didn't have much time," McClendon said.

McLendon and his nephew paddled out to Holsey, and he held on to the boat.  Deputy Walt Ingram swam to the boat and brought him to shore. "We're just glad that we were able to help somebody. I'm just sorry that we didn't hear him in time to get the other two fellas," said McClendon.

One of those men, was Michael Campbell, an only son. "It's going to be bad for all of us right now. We just have to do what he would have done if he were here, continue on," said the victim's father, Michael Campbell.

Patrick Holsey, understandably, didn't want to talk about the ordeal, but he take the time to thank the man who helped save his life. "We're just real sad that his two friends were not as lucky as he was," McClendon said.

"Apparently God's got a plan for him." That plan began to unfold yesterday when Patrick Holsey was installed as Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church in Sylvester.

Porenzo Carter was to be baptized by Holsey on Saturday, and married soon thereafter by his friend. He'll be buried Saturday at McAfee Grove Baptist Church in Lee County.

The funeral service for Michael Campbell is also Saturday at Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Lee County.


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