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Bikers flock to Unadilla

April 21, 2006

Unadilla--Unadilla is hosting its first annual Iron Angels Biker Rally. Thousands of bikers from all over Georgia and out of state flocked to Angel City. It took one Georgia man, Wayne Smith, eleven months to build the city from scratch.

His dream? To create a haven for bikers and their motorcycles. That dream is now a reality. For three days guests will be treated to restaurants, vendors, music and plenty of other activities. The construction project cost the "city's" creator about two-million dollars.

He says it's money well spent, especially since Angel City has now become a biker's heaven.

Everywhere you look there are bikers and more bikers. They're not all from Georgia, either.

Randy Simspon "We've been hearing about it the last six months and it was pretty exciting, so we'll definitely make the trip down here," says one biker. Randy Simpson hails from Virginia, and couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang with fellow bikers.

"It's a good time for everyone, plenty of people camping, plenty of bikes here," says Simpson.

Here you can watch bikers perform some pretty daring motorcycle stunts, or enjoy some home cooked barbeque from one very large grill. Bikers here say the Iron Angel rally is the rally of all biker rallies.

"We've got this beautiful place. Nobody has this. We're just trying to show everybody a good time, and what the angels are all about," says Sara Fellows, one of the models featured at the rally.

She says the event will have a positive impact on Unadilla. "More people are going to move out here. Hopefully we'll get more hotels out here, just things like that. It's just going to go up from here," she says.

The bikes out here aren't exactly cheap. On average they'll cost you about $20,000 right on up to $100,000.

But it's a price many bikers are willing to pay for a good time and friendship with other bikers.

"A lot of comraderie. No trouble either," says Mackster McCreight.

"I got a stressful job. I just like to relax," says Gary Floyd.

It took Wayne Smith less than a year to build "Angel City," a place bikers can call home.

"This isn't my place. This is the bikers' place. This is there home too," he says.

But what you see now, is just the beginning. Smith has plans to expand this biker site further.

"We intend to build a 20,000 square foot, two story saloon overlooking the amphitheater," he says.

That's good news to bikers' ears. For now, they'll enjoy the saloon they currently have, and encourage each and every one of you to also, "Come have fun with us."

The event wraps up Sunday. But the next Iron Angels Bike Rally is just six months away. It will run from October 12 through the 15th.


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