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Teen burglary suspects arrested

April 21, 2006

Albany -- Three Albany teens are arrested for dozens of East Albany burglaries. Police charge they have been breaking into their neighbors homes for the last year.

Investigators now are trying to find the owners of some of the recovered stolen property.

Police have charged 18-year-old Tavaress Jackson and 18-year-old Rashad Mackroy and a 15-year-old juvenile in 26 home burglaries in East Albany. Investigators say the burglaries started more than a year ago in the Lakewood Homes area off Turner Field Road.

Police say all three of the teens live in that area, and citizen's tips gave Investigators the information they needed to find the burglars, who have confessed. Sgt. Kendra Wilson said "Actually we put him in the car with us, and we took him to the neighborhood and he pointed out each house that he had broken into, as well as his friends."

This is some of the stolen property that Police have recovered in the investigation. Police say the teens grabbed items they wanted during the break-ins. Sgt. Wilson said "Play stations, video games, mainly stuff that kids want. Food, money."

Police say they have returned a lot of the stolen property to burglary victims, but they still have these and other items that they can't identify. They are asking recent burglary victims in the Beverly, Shirley, and Owens Avenues area to claim their stolen property.

Lt. James Williams said, "Contact the Albany Police Department Detective Division, and we will set up an appointment where they can come in and look at the items, where we can turn these items back over to them."

Investigators say some of the stolen property was recovered at area pawn shops, and some was found in the arrested teen's homes.

Albany Police say they expect more arrests to be made as they continue investigating these burglaries.

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